TulvaveX Rain Alarm System

What happens to your real estate if the rainwater drain is clogged? DSC_8374

– Is the roof flooding and does the rainwater go into the structures? Or does the drain break from the pressure?

We have a solution for detecting flood in the rainwater drain or on the roof and sending an alarm – the TulvaveX rainwater alarm system.

Use for: any real estate with a flat roof. Please contact us – info(a)vex.fi – in order to get more product information.



TulvaveX roofalarm SMARTLARM picture

VeX Solutions Ltd has made a contract with KerabitPro Ltd: the rainwater alarm system on the roof is in Finland now KerabitPro Tulvavahti.

Kerabit Tulvavahti malli 2

TulvaveX model 2

Tulvavahti model 1

Tulvavahti model 2

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